Kuri Mountain

Established in 2015, Kuri Mountain Coffee carries on a family tradition of coffee farming that began in 1945. We cultivate and process high-quality, organic beans with a focus on ethical sourcing. They work with outgrower partners and own processing facilities across multiple regions in Ethiopia, offering a unique farm-to-cup experience.

Organic Certified

Own 942 ha + Coffee Farms

RFA Certificate

Why Our Coffee.

Origin(Ethiopian Coffee)

Ethiopia, the cradle of coffee, boasts a rich history and diverse range of coffee flavors.

High-Altitude Excellence

Grown in Ethiopia's mountainous regions , the beans mature slowly, developing dense flavor profiles and a smooth, clean finish.

Unique Flavor Profile

Ethiopian beans are known for their complex flavors, unlike anything you've experienced before.

Traditional Processing

Coffee cherries are laid out on raised drying beds or on mats in the sun.

Ethics and Sustainability

Our coffee production often involves traditional methods and shade-grown trees, making it a more sustainable choice.

Cultural Elegance

Ethiopia Coffee ceremony involves roasting the beans, grinding them with a mortar and pestle, and brewing in a special clay pot called a Jebena.

Habtamu Fikadu Aga .

General Manager

Kuri Mountain Coffee boasts a rich history dating back to 1945. It all began with Mr. Aaga Dinsa, who planted the seeds of their success by starting a coffee farm in Kuri Kebele. The tradition continued with Mr. Fikadu Aaga, who nurtured the farm and supplied coffee beans to the local market.
In 2015, Mr. Habtamu Fikadu, inspired by his family's legacy, established Kuri Mountain Coffee. They not only revitalized the original farm but also built a modern processing plant in Gidami town. Kuri Mountain Coffee works closely with outgrowers, ensuring exceptional quality and supporting local communities. They own five processing sites across different regions and collaborate with over 138 outgrowers, managing a vast area dedicated to coffee production.
Kuri Mountain Coffee's dedication to quality has been recognized with an organic certification from Ecocert. They actively participate in the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, fostering strong business relationships.
Currently, France is their primary export destination, and they're always looking to expand their reach, offering exceptional coffee experiences worldwide.


Our Coffee Farms .

Nekemte/Lekempti Kuri village Coffee

Hailing from the fertile highlands of Kellem Wollega, Ethiopia, Nekemte / Lekempti coffee originates from the Kuri village nestled within the Gidami woreda. This historic coffee farm boasts a rich heritage, dating back generations.We prioritize sustainable farming techniques, including organic cultivation and the use of natural fertilizers.

Guji Coffee Uraga Woreda Farms

Our exeptional coffee farm hails from the renowned Guji zone in Ethiopia. Its idyllic location within Uraga Woreda unfolds across Gomaro Kolla, Yabitu Koba, Suke, Haro Labattu, Tobitu Xuxa Dida hora, and Burka Kebele. Envision lush landscapes cradled by rolling hills, where fertile soil and ideal growing conditions nurture the finest coffee beans.

Djimmah/Limmu Geeraa Coffee

From Djimma Zone, Geeraa Woreda, Sadi Loyaa Kebele;Our coffee farm, nestled in the heart of Djimma Zone, Ethiopia, produces exceptional Djimmah and Limmu coffee beans. With a rich history and commitment to quality, we bring you a delightful coffee experience that reflects the unique terroir of our region.

Coffee On Processing
At one of Our Station .

Organic/Certified Coffee

We Export highly traceable Coffees
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