Basic Information


Basic Information.

We inherited the farming, production and coffee business from family 

  • We have our own coffee farm of 105ha in Kellem Wollega, Gidami Wereda, Kuri Kebele, and Washing stations and coffee hulling site in Guji Uraga and Djimmah, Gera
  • Currently, have Total of 144 coffee growing farmers as a partnership with total coffee farm of 837 ha in Kellem Wollega, Guji and Djimmah zones
  • We export Organic certified coffee, with other certification like Fair For life and Rain forest alliance (RFA) certificate
  • We directly export single origin and or fully traceable both specialty and commercial coffees from our coffee farm, washing and hulling stations
  • We export; Natural/sun dried, washed, honey processed and an aerobic coffee types
  • The Geographical types of our coffee
  • Nekemte /Lekempti Coffee From Kellem Wollega, Kuri village in Gidami Woreda.
  • Guji Coffee From Guji zone, Uraga Woreda, Gomaro Kolla,Yabitu Koba,Suke,Haro Labattu,Tobitu Xuxa Dida hora burka Kebele
  • Djimmah/Limmu Coffee from Djimma Zone, Geeraa Woreda, Sadi Loyaa Kebele
  • Our Head Office is located in Addis Ababa, Kirkos Sub city Woreda 05, Beal Building 4 th floor Office nr 401-404.
  • Primary line of Business: Coffee farming, processing and exporting