Corporate Overview


Corporate Overview.

Kuri Mountain coffee has its own ground roots back to 1945 when grandfather of the founder Mr Aaga Dinsa started coffee farming in Kuri Kebele on estimated total hectare of 105. The father of the founder Mr Fikadu Aaga continued in cultivating, collecting and supplying coffee bean for local market from this farm until the founder of kuri mountain coffee, Mr Habtamu Fikadu has establish this company in 2015.
Currently, the company has established and updated the same coffee farm and installs coffee processing plant in Kellem Wellega, Gidami town and connects with out-growers every day with exceptional products and owned 5 coffee processing site stores in different district and region. We have two registered out growers of about 46.5 hectare owners in Gidami and 92 registered out-growers of about 401 hectare owners in Guji-Uraga We have been the best coffee Exporter; it is our goal for our entire customers to visit personally our coffee farms in Wollega and processing units found in Wellega, Guji and Jimma site respectively.

Currently, we are awarded certificate of Organic coffee from Ecocert. In order to foster our business relationship; we are also active member of Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association. Currently, our main coffee exporting destinations are France followed by Germany.