Our Story

Mr.Habtamu Fikadu Aga .

General Manager

Kuri Mountain Coffee boasts a rich history dating back to 1945. It all began with Mr. Aaga Dinsa, who planted the seeds of their success by starting a coffee farm in Kuri Kebele. The tradition continued with Mr. Fikadu Aaga, who nurtured the farm and supplied coffee beans to the local market.
In 2015, Mr. Habtamu Fikadu, inspired by his family's legacy, established Kuri Mountain Coffee. They not only revitalized the original farm but also built a modern processing plant in Gidami town. Kuri Mountain Coffee works closely with outgrowers, ensuring exceptional quality and supporting local communities. They own five processing sites across different regions and collaborate with over 138 outgrowers, managing a vast area dedicated to coffee production.
Kuri Mountain Coffee's dedication to quality has been recognized with an organic certification from Ecocert. They actively participate in the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters Association, fostering strong business relationships.
Currently, France is their primary export destination, and they're always looking to expand their reach, offering exceptional coffee experiences worldwide.